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Episode 385May 26, 2024

Our 2024 macOS and visionOS WWDC Wishes

AppStories Episode 385Our 2024 macOS and visionOS WWDC Wishes


This week, Federico and John continue their annual wishlists with a look at macOS and visionOS.

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Links and Show Notes

Our 2024 macOS and visionOS WWDC Wishes

  • Our macOS Wishes
    • Notifications
    • Alerts
    • Finder
    • Stage Manager
    • System Settings
    • Music
    • TestFlight
    • Shortcuts
  • Our visionOS Wishes
    • The Developer Strap
    • Multitasking
    • Better Voice Control
    • iPad Virtualization
    • Environments
    • Apple Pencil Pro
    • More Native Apps
    • Software OPtimizations
    • Home Screen Changes
    • Wi-Fi Performance
    • Support for Mice
    • Multiple Desktops
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