Building an Apple-Only Research and Writing Setup

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This week, Federico and John consider whether changes coming to Apple’s OSes make a system app-only research and writing workflow possible and discuss where there’s room for improvement.

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Episode 232 – Jul 19, 2021

An Interview with Guilherme Rambo

0:00 36:38

This week, Federico and John continue the Summer OS Preview Series with special guest Gui Rambo for a chat about SharePlay, Shortcuts for Mac, Gui’s app AirBuddy, SwiftUI, and more.

Episode 231 – Jul 12, 2021

The App Customization Trend

0:00 36:11

This week, Federico and John discuss the emerging trend of app customization, which along with app modularity, lets users control how apps work and look.

Episode 230 – Jul 05, 2021

An Interview with Marcos Tanaka

0:00 32:05

This week, Federico and John continue the MacStories Summer OS Preview Series by interviewing Marcos Tanaka, the creator of MusicHarbor and MusicSmart about the latest changes to Apple’s music-related frameworks, his apps, and more.

Episode 229 – Jun 28, 2021

Shortcuts Preview

0:00 45:47

This week, Federico and John walk through all the changes coming to Shortcuts this fall, including changes to the Shortcuts editor and the new actions you’ll find in Shortcuts on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Episode 228 – Jun 21, 2021

Federico’s Research and Note-Taking Setup

0:00 41:11

This week, Federico and John dig into the latest iteration of the research and note-taking setup that Federico is using to prepare his annual iOS and iPadOS review, which features Obsidian.

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For today’s special bonus episode of AppStories, Federico and John interview the creators of four 2021 Apple Design Award winning apps and games: Winston Chen, creator of Voice Dream Reader; Esther Huybreghts, Mathijs Demaeght, and Melissa Cash from Pok Pok, creators of Pok Pok Playroom; Brian Mueller, creator of CARROT Weather; and Maria Sayans and David Fernandez Huerta from ustwo games, creators of Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Episode 226 – Jun 14, 2021

Three Features That Set iOS 15 Apart

0:00 47:36

This week, Federico and John cover the three features that will sell iOS 15 to most users: Focus Mode, SharePlay, and Live Text and share some of their recent audio gear purchases for lossless streaming and AirPlay. They also take questions from listeners who watched on Instagram Live.

Episode 225 – Jun 11, 2021

WWDC 2021: Safari Web Extensions and Live Text

0:00 31:09

In today’s special WWDC 2021 episode, Federico and John discuss the sorts of tools that could be built with Safari Web Extensions and Federico explains how Live Text works and can be used in practice.

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