Apple App Acquisitions

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Federico and John look at the apps Apple has acquired over the years and where they are now.

Previously, on AppStories

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Federico and John look back at where health, fitness, and quantified self apps have been, where they’re going, and how hardware and software advancements are changing the way we track and gain insights about our health and fitness.

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Federico and John interview two members of Team Alto, Harry Nesbitt and Ryan Cash, about Alto’s Adventure, the challenges they faced in following it up with Alto’s Odyssey, the creative process of making games, and the mobile game industry.

Episode 43 – Feb 19, 2018

How We Use RSS

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Federico and John follow up their RSS app and service episode with a closer look at how each of them uses RSS for work and pleasure reading.

Episode 42 – Feb 12, 2018

RSS Services and Apps

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The RSS sync service and reader app landscape makes it difficult to find the perfect combination of features for the way you read the news. Federico and John sift through the many options and highlight what they look for in modern iOS and Mac RSS clients.

Episode 41 – Feb 05, 2018

iOS 11’s Effect on Our iOS Habits

0:00 38:23

Nearly five months into iOS 11, Federico and John take a look at how iOS 11 has changed not only the way they work, but also how it has impacted their use of lifestyle, health and fitness, media consumption, and other types of apps.

Episode 39 – Jan 22, 2018

The Mac App Store’s Problems

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The Mac App Store has fallen behind the iOS App Store. Federico and John discuss the Store’s problems and consider how Apple might address them.

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