Our Favorite iOS 11 Apps, Part 1

0:00 34:07

Federico and John give an update on the iOS 11 review and anniversary activities at MacStories and Club MacStories then talk about some of their favorite new apps and updates that show off the new capabilities of iOS 11.

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Episode 23 – Sep 19, 2017

The Apps Behind Federico’s iOS 11 Review

0:00 44:39

Federico and John lift the curtain on some of the special events at MacStories and Club MacStories surrounding the release of iOS 11, discuss the removal of the App Store from iTunes on macOS, and dive into the apps Federico used to plan, research, write, and produce his iOS 11 review.

Episode 22 – Sep 11, 2017

Apps with a Human Touch

0:00 43:56

Federico and John discuss what’s left now that Federico is finished writing the text of his iOS 11 review, preview some of the upcoming coverage on MacStories and the upcoming second anniversary of Club MacStories, and consider the importance of little human touches that make apps by indie developers a delight to use.

Episode 21 – Sep 04, 2017

Breaking Up iTunes Is Hard to Do

0:00 37:16

Federico and John consider ways to break up iTunes into multiple apps that are designed to accommodate how media consumption has changed, but also account for legacy devices and uses.

0:00 29:59

Federico and John interview Dermot Daly, founder of Tapadoo, a Dublin-based app development studio, about how he got started in mobile development, the Tapadoo origin story, what it’s like to develop apps in the regulated medical field, the challenges of working for clients and that iOS developers face today, and more.

Episode 18 – Aug 14, 2017

Shelf and Clipboard Apps on macOS and iOS

0:00 27:36

Federico and John look at shelf and clipboard apps on macOS and iOS, consider how third-party shelf apps are likely to work under iOS 11, and discuss the advantages of Apple adding a shelf feature to iOS.

Episode 17 – Aug 07, 2017

Our iPad Home Screens

0:00 40:06

Federico and John talk about the way their iPad Home screens reflect their use of the device and how that has changed since they’ve been running the iOS 11 beta.

Episode 16 – Jul 31, 2017

Evolving the iMessage App Store

0:00 28:19

Federico and John discuss the current shortcomings of the iMessage App Store and what Apple is changing in iOS 11 to address some of its problems.

Episode 15 – Jul 24, 2017

iOS 11’s Files App

0:00 36:37

Federico and John dive into the new Files app that’s coming to iOS 11 in the fall and discuss the history of file management on iOS, the shift in approach taken by the Files app, and how it works.

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