Music Part 1: How We Listen

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This week, Federico and John talk about Apple Arcade’s big expansion and the iOS component of John’s retro gaming project before beginning a new mini-series focused on music. For the first installment, Federico and John focus on hardware and services, covering their current setups, how they listen to music, and the services they use.

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Episode 211 – Mar 29, 2021

Apple at Home

0:00 52:31

This week, Federico and John scrutinize Apple’s home strategy from its discontinued Airport routers and HomePod to the Apple TV, HomePod mini, HomeKit routers, the Home app, and more, plus ongoing browser and calendar experiments, and the hunt for an elusive keyboard continues.

Episode 210 – Mar 22, 2021

Imagining the Perfect Read-It-Later App

0:00 58:29

This week, Federico and John, who are always on the lookout for new ways to read and process the stories they find, discuss the features and approaches they’d like to see in the ideal read-it-later app.

Episode 209 – Mar 15, 2021

Can Apps Still Surprise Us?

0:00 58:02

This week, Federico and John consider why surprising apps seem increasingly rare and share some of the apps that have surprised them the most over the past year.

Episode 208 – Mar 08, 2021

Reading Newsletters

0:00 40:08

This week, Federico and John dig into email newsletters and how they manage and read them.

Episode 207 – Mar 01, 2021

Shortcuts Wish List, 2021 Edition

0:00 44:01

This week, Federico and John take a hard look at Shortcuts, an app they rely on every day, and consider how they would like to see Apple evolve the app this year and beyond.

Episode 206 – Feb 22, 2021

What Should the iPad Steal from the Mac?

0:00 34:05

This week, Federico and John flip last week’s topic around and consider the hardware and software features that the iPad should steal from the Mac.

Episode 204 – Feb 08, 2021

iPhone and iPad Accessory Extravaganza

0:00 41:17

This week, Federico and John discuss the iPhone and iPad accessories they use most and explain a couple of recent failed accessory experiments.

Episode 203 – Feb 01, 2021

Everything but the Text Editor

0:00 42:34

This week, Federico and John cover everything about their writing workflows except the text editor, including research apps, their scratchpad setups, PDF annotation, mind mapping, dictionaries, and shortcuts, along with a segment on text-based podcast editing and transcripts.

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