What Should the iPad Steal from the Mac?

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This week, Federico and John flip last week’s topic around and consider the hardware and software features that the iPad should steal from the Mac.

Previously, on AppStories

Episode 204 – Feb 08, 2021

iPhone and iPad Accessory Extravaganza

0:00 41:17

This week, Federico and John discuss the iPhone and iPad accessories they use most and explain a couple of recent failed accessory experiments.

Episode 203 – Feb 01, 2021

Everything but the Text Editor

0:00 42:34

This week, Federico and John cover everything about their writing workflows except the text editor, including research apps, their scratchpad setups, PDF annotation, mind mapping, dictionaries, and shortcuts, along with a segment on text-based podcast editing and transcripts.

Episode 202 – Jan 25, 2021

App Modularity

0:00 30:55

This week, Federico and John discuss the many aspects of app modularity, including where it started, how it’s supported by Apple, what developers are doing to push modularity forward, and trends to watch for in 2021.

Episode 201 – Jan 18, 2021

Automating Your Home

0:00 42:29

This week, Federico and John share their HomeKit device setups, how they control them, the automations they use, and provide advice on approaching home automation projects.

0:00 53:45

This week, Federico and John conclude their miniseries on workflows with a look at what they’re using to manage calendar events and team communications. Plus, Federico springs a big app surprise on John and listeners.

Episode 199 – Dec 21, 2020

Workflows Revisited: Task Management

0:00 48:39

This week Federico takes listeners along on his recent tour of modern task managers, and he and John discuss the app they have settled on to keep track of their projects and to-dos.

Episode 198 – Dec 14, 2020

The 2020 MacStories Selects Awards

0:00 56:29

This week, Federico and John reveal and discuss the 2020 MacStories Selects Award winners and runners-up.

Episode 197 – Dec 07, 2020

Workflows Revisited: Note-Taking

0:00 44:26

This week, Federico and John continue their mini-series focused on breaking down and rethinking the core workflows behind MacStories by tackling note-taking and their adoption of Craft for personal and collaborative notes.

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