iOS 11’s Impact on Third-Party Apps

0:00 36:52

Federico and John consider the effect on third-party apps of PDFKit, the system Markup extension, changes to Notes, and password AutoFill for apps.

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Episode 10 – Jun 19, 2017

iOS 11’s All-New App Store

0:00 39:16

Apple announced a redesigned App Store for iOS 11 at WWDC. Federico and John take a look at the upcoming changes, the challenges Apple will face producing original content about apps, and consider what it will mean for users and developers.

Episode 9 – Jun 12, 2017

Competing with iOS System Apps

0:00 31:14

John and Federico consider the pros and cons of competing with, and what it takes to succeed against, Apple’s free, built-in system apps and highlight some of their favorite alternatives.

0:00 30:32

Federico and John interview Adriaan de Jongh, the co-creator of the hit iOS and PC game Hidden Folks about the creation and design of the game, its unique sound design, gaming on mobile, and an exclusive look at what’s next for Hidden Folks.

Episode 7 – May 29, 2017

Tip Jars with Benefits

0:00 32:13

Federico and John cover more app pricing models including tip jars, patronage, fan clubs, bundles, and in-app merchandise sales.

0:00 28:06

Federico and John interview Brian Mueller, the creator of the CARROT series of apps, about how he got started, the origins of CARROT, a corgi with a top hat and monocle, and his new CARROT game, Artificial Superintelligence.

Episode 5 – May 15, 2017

App Subscriptions

0:00 34:47

How app subscriptions work, the pros and cons for consumers and developers, and examples of apps using creative subscription models.

Episode 2 – Apr 24, 2017

Setting Up a New iOS Device

0:00 31:20

Federico and John discuss setting up a new iOS device, whether they do a clean install with new iOS releases, the first apps they install, and tips and tricks to make the process easier.

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