Workflows Revisited: Email

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This week Federico and John kick off a new mini-series focused on breaking down and rethinking the core workflows behind MacStories. In this first installment, we revisit how the MacStories team uses email, a long-standing workflow that has changed very little since the site was founded, and why we chose to move to HEY by Basecamp.

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Episode 194 – Nov 16, 2020

macOS Big Sur: The MacStories Review

0:00 44:46

This week, Federico and John dive into John’s macOS Big Sur review to talk about Control Center, Notification Center and widgets, Mac Catalyst apps, Safari extensions, design, and even the upcoming M1 Macs.

Episode 193 – Nov 09, 2020

iOS Apps We Want on the Mac

0:00 38:37

This week, Federico and John consider the rumor that TestFlight is coming for the Mac and share the iOS apps they hope will find their way to the Mac.

0:00 46:51

In this special episode of AppStories, John interviews Federico about the all-new iPad Air, which Federico has been testing and reviewed on MacStories. Federico explains why the new iPad Air is Apple’s most forward-looking iPad that stands at the intersection of the iPad Pro and the rest of the company’s line-up, and covers every aspect of the hardware, design, and differences compared to other iPad models, along with practical advice on who should consider buying the new iPad Air.

Episode 188 – Oct 14, 2020

iOS and iPadOS 14: The MacStories Review

0:00 50:52

This week, Federico and John dive into Federico’s annual iOS and iPadOS review to look at big picture trends like Compact UI along with the changes to iPadOS, the Apple Pencil’s new Scribble feature, and Shortcuts.

Episode 187 – Oct 05, 2020

Must-Have Music Widgets for Your iPhone

0:00 43:10

This week, Federico and John tour music widgets, one of their favorite categories, exploring the many widgets they’re using to listen to music and follow their favorite artists.

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