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Episode 300October 16, 2022

App Trends Revisited and Reconsidered

AppStories Episode 300App Trends Revisited and Reconsidered


This week, Federico and John mark episode 300 of the show by revisiting the app trends they covered in episode 100 and discussing the new trends that will shape the apps we use in the next several years.

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Links and Show Notes

App Trends Revisited and Reconsidered

  • Revisiting App Trends from Episode 100
    • The evolution of rich notifications
    • Subscription apps
    • Apple services on third-party hardware
    • iPads and keyboard control
    • Mac and iPad app convergence
  • Considering What’s Next for Apps
    • Text-based app command systems
    • Stage Manager’s role in app convergence
    • A Stage Manager API
    • Adaptable UIs for the home
    • Augmented and mixed reality
    • Automation and Shortcuts

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