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Episode 260February 13, 2022

Shortcuts Wish List, 2022 Edition

AppStories Episode 260Shortcuts Wish List, 2022 Edition


This week, Federico and John revisit their 2021 Shortcuts wishes to see what came true and share a long list of additional ways they’d like to see the app evolve in 2022.

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Links and Show Notes

Shortcuts Wish List, 2022 Edition

  • Our 2022 Shortcuts Wish List
    • Better Safari support on the Mac
    • Share sheet integration on the Mac
    • Personal automations on the Mac
    • More types of triggers
    • Improved layout for Shortcuts for Mac’s right sidebar
    • Keep Apple app features up to date with shortcuts actions
    • Debugging tools
    • Copy and paste blocks of actions
    • Disable notification alerts when a shortcut is run from the Home Screen
    • Global hotkeys
    • Shortcuts widgets
    • Multiwindow awareness
    • The ability to run shortcuts in the background on iPhone and iPad
    • Better cross-platform integration
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