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Episode 207March 1, 2021

Shortcuts Wish List, 2021 Edition

AppStories Episode 207Shortcuts Wish List, 2021 Edition


This week, Federico and John take a hard look at Shortcuts, an app they rely on every day, and consider how they would like to see Apple evolve the app this year and beyond.

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Links and Show Notes

  • What’s New

    • Federico rethinks his RSS and ‘read later’ workflow as well as his Home Screen setup
    • John signs up for a Hey personal account and figures out how to sleep his Mac and eject external drives with the press of a button
  • Shortcuts Wish List, 2021 Edition

    • Shortcuts Wishes: The App
      • Block folding
      • Color-coded actions
      • Sub-folders
      • More colors and icons
      • An action browser
      • Debugging tools
      • Shortcut locking
    • Shortcuts Wishes: Actions
      • Multitasking actions
      • Better Files integration
      • Complex UI building tools
      • Safari actions
      • The ability to run Swift and JavaScript
      • Apple Music service actions
      • Simplified Web API integration
    • Shortcuts Wishes: Automations
      • Deeper HomeKit support
      • Apple TV integration with home automations
      • Personal automations that can run at set intervals
      • App-based triggers
      • Proximity and presence triggers
    • Shortcuts Wishes: Everything Else
      • Widgets
      • Trigger shortcuts with inputs via Siri
      • Run Apple Watch shortcut complications on the Watch face
      • Global hotkeys

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