What Should the iPad Steal from the Mac?

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This week, Federico and John flip last week’s topic around and consider the hardware and software features that the iPad should steal from the Mac.

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  • DEVONthink – The one place for storing and working with all your documents, snippets, and bookmarks

Links and Show Notes

  • What’s New
    • Federico on finding the right mix of apps, widgets, and shortcuts on his Home Screens and testing Taio
    • John on pushing the boundaries of Shortcuts’ personal and home automations
  • Features We’d Like the iPad to Steal from the Mac
    • Time Machine-style backups
    • System-level enhancements
    • Improved external display support
    • Deeper System-Level Shortcuts actions
    • Expanded Files support
    • Expanded automation triggers
    • Control Center
    • Improved image file handling
    • Gatekeeper and app side-loading
    • File sorting options and Music uploading

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