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Episode 206February 22, 2021

What Should the iPad Steal from the Mac?

AppStories Episode 206What Should the iPad Steal from the Mac?


This week, Federico and John flip last week’s topic around and consider the hardware and software features that the iPad should steal from the Mac.

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Links and Show Notes

  • What’s New

    • Federico on finding the right mix of apps, widgets, and shortcuts on his Home Screens and testing Taio
    • John on pushing the boundaries of Shortcuts’ personal and home automations
  • Features We’d Like the iPad to Steal from the Mac

    • Time Machine-style backups
    • System-level enhancements
    • Improved external display support
    • Deeper System-Level Shortcuts actions
    • Expanded Files support
    • Expanded automation triggers
    • Control Center
    • Improved image file handling
    • Gatekeeper and app side-loading
    • File sorting options and Music uploading

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