AppStories is a production of MacStories, Inc. co-hosted by MacStories Editor-in-Chief, Federico Viticci, and MacStories Managing Editor, John Voorhees. AppStories is a weekly podcast published on Mondays. Each week, Federico and John discuss their favorite new apps and noteworthy updates, dive into the stories and people behind the apps they love, and explore the social and cultural impact of the App Store.

We understand that your time is limited, so each episode of AppStories is about 30 minutes. Every week, you’ll hear a unique mix of semi-regular segments like developer interviews, new apps that have caught our attention, and explorations of the impact of the app economy.

AppStories is supported by sponsorships from companies whose products and services we think our listeners will enjoy. Each week, AppStories features up to two sponsorships, one longer than the other. This two-tiered structure has been designed to offer sponsorships that are affordable to a broader range of budgets than other podcasts.

If you have an app, product, or service that you think would appeal to our audience, contact John Voorhees for availability and pricing. All sponsorships are subject to the same Sponsorship Policy as MacStories.

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