AppStories Joins the MacStories Family

Today, after many months of work, we are introducing AppStories, a weekly podcast exploring the world of apps. Each week, Federico and I will discuss our favorite new apps and noteworthy updates, dive into the stories behind the apps we love, and explore the cultural and social impact of the App Store.

You can subscribe to AppStories on Apple Podcasts. You can also find AppStories on:

Of course, you can also always come here, to, and hit Play on our embedded episode card.

We chose today to unveil AppStories because it’s MacStories’ 8th anniversary. We couldn’t think of a better time to welcome a new member to the MacStories family, especially because the AppStories name is nearly as old as MacStories itself. For many of those years, AppStories was a name in search of an identity. As Federico explains in Episode 1, it wasn’t until last year around the time of WWDC that AppStories began to take shape.

Like Club MacStories, AppStories is a MacStories production. The first episode was released today as part of our celebration of MacStories’ 8th anniversary, but going forward you can expect a new episode every week on Monday starting on April 24th. Each episode will be limited to approximately 30 minutes because we understand how hard it can be to follow a new weekly podcast if you already listen to a long list of shows.

We have many regular segments planned for AppStories. They won’t be the same each week because we want to mix things up and keep the show fresh, but the segments will create continuity and familiarity as the months pass and we settle into a routine. About the only thing we are not going to cover is the week’s tech news and rumors, which are being handled ably by many other shows.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that once you get one of us talking about apps, it’s hard to shut us up. That and the self-imposed time constraints mean we already have a long list of topic ideas for AppStories. However, from the earliest conversations Federico and I had about what AppStories should be, we knew we wanted to provide a place for developers and others in the community to tell their stories directly to our listeners. So beginning soon, AppStories will also include interviews so you can hear those stories first-hand.

You may have noticed that isn’t your typical podcast website. It’s a custom WordPress site designed and built from the ground up for flexibility and automation. The flexible architecture lets us post more than new episodes of the show. can also handle articles like this one, which we plan to use to complement the show. It also wouldn’t be a MacStories project if didn’t have its own web API that lets us automate the production process.

Another unique feature of is its custom player. We’ve made it easy to listen on the web, subscribe in your favorite podcast player, and download the show. What’s more, the player is embeddable, so new episodes can be posted on and elsewhere simply by adding /embed/ to the the episode’s URL.

We’ve put a lot of thought into the sponsorship model too. From the start we wanted to make it accessible financially to a wide range of app developers and creators of other products and services. To accomplish that, we’ve created a two-tier sponsorship structure. Each episode will feature up to two sponsorship spots, one longer than the other, showcasing products that we think listeners will enjoy. If you have a product or service that you would like to promote on AppStories, please contact me. All sponsorships will be subject to the same policy that we announced in February on MacStories.

Launching something as ambitious as AppStories is hard. The last several weeks have been equal measures of exciting, frustrating, and exhausting. Now, though, we’re simply happy to finally share it with you.

A project of this scope couldn’t have been accomplished without help. Silvia Gatta’s design skills and Alessandro Vendruscolo’s web development expertise have made and the show art something truly special. I’d also like to thank Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett for their advice and audio editing tips along the way. Federico and I are lucky to have such good friends who are also gifted podcast veterans.

Thanks too to all the MacStories and Club MacStories readers for taking the time to listen. We hope you enjoy the show and help us spread the word about it. Stay tuned because we have lots of ideas and stories we plan to explore in the coming weeks on AppStories.

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