Our iPadOS WWDC Wishes

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This week, Federico and John share their wishes for iPadOS including audio source control, multitasking, external display support, Search, keyboard and trackpad support, and more.

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Episode 163 – May 11, 2020

The Next Generation of Apps

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This week, Federico and John discuss the evolution of Apple’s platforms and the new generation apps that are emerging across every platform from the Apple Watch to the Mac and embracing those new technologies and business models.

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In this special episode of AppStories, Federico interviews Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi about iPadOS, pointer support, and more.

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This week, Federico and John discuss the apps Federico uses to research, write, and edit his annual iOS and iPadOS review, including the changes he anticipates making this year and the new apps he’s considering.

Episode 160 – Apr 27, 2020

Utility Apps Revisited

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This week, Federico and John dig into the utility grab bag to cover eight more of their favorite iOS and iPadOS utility apps.

Episode 159 – Apr 20, 2020

The Evolution of Clipboard and Shelf Apps

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This week, Federico and John look back at the origins of clipboard apps on iOS, how they’ve evolved, and the apps they’re currently using on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac to save snippets of information for use elsewhere.

Episode 158 – Apr 13, 2020

Digital Spring Cleaning

0:00 34:36

This week, Federico and John discuss their approaches to digital spring cleaning.

Episode 157 – Apr 06, 2020

Research Tools

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This week, Federico and John recap MacStories’ iPad at 10 coverage and then compare notes on the research apps they use and approaches they take when working on a big project.

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This week, Federico and John kick off MacStories’ celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iPad’s launch with an episode that reflects on the device’s history, its place in Apple’s product lineup, and the iPad as a modular computing device.

Episode 155 – Mar 23, 2020

Stuck at Home

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This week, Federico and John talk about how the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way they relax, work, and approach their days.

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