Our Third Annual Apple Watch Check-In

0:00 47:25

This week, in what has become an annual tradition, Federico and John talk about how they’ve set up their Apple Watches, including the complications they use, the third-party apps on which they rely, and what’s in their Watch docks.

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Episode 136 – Oct 28, 2019

GameClub and a Shortcuts Update

0:00 44:20

This week, Federico and John talk about GameClub, the classic iOS game service that launched last week, and some of the shortcuts they’ve been working on lately.

0:00 46:51

This week, Federico and John interview James Thomson, the creator of PCalc and Dice, for a developer’s perspective on Mac Catalyst and go behind the scenes of Federico’s iPhone 11 Pro camera story, Eternal City, Modern Photography: The iPhone 11 Pro in Rome.

0:00 40:47

This week, Federico and John discuss Mac Catalyst, the technology for bringing iPad apps to the Mac, and round up some of their favorite Mac Catalyst apps that have been released so far.

Episode 133 – Oct 07, 2019

Building an iOS Media Companion

0:00 41:10

Federico helps John set up an iPod touch as a media companion for watching TV and movies, enjoying music, and controlling HomeKit devices.

Episode 132 – Sep 30, 2019

Apple Arcade: The Launch and Favorite Games

0:00 46:50

This week, Federico and John cover the all-new MacStories Shortcuts Icons, a set of 300 custom icons for shortcuts that you can add to your Home screen and then revisit Apple Arcade in the wake of its public launch discussing some of their favorite games so far.

Episode 131 – Sep 23, 2019

Shortcuts and Third-Party Apps

0:00 43:54

There are major changes to Shortcuts in iOS and iPadOS 13 and coming on September 24th with iOS and iPadOS 13.1. Federico and John explore what the changes mean to third-party apps, who’s using them, and what it means to users.

Episode 130 – Sep 19, 2019

iOS and iPadOS 13: The MacStories Review

0:00 50:16

Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 13 review is out, so we’ve got a special episode of AppStories all about the big-picture changes to the OSes, the evolution of Shortcuts into a Siri development tool supported by third-party developers, the balancing act Apple performs when updating apps distributed to hundreds of millions of users, and lots of interesting little details about iOS and iPadOS 13.

Episode 129 – Sep 16, 2019

The Apps of Apple’s Fall Event

0:00 37:48

This week, Federico and John dive into the new and updated apps announced at Apple’s fall keynote including Compass, Camera, and the upcoming Apple Arcade game subscription service.

Episode 128 – Sep 09, 2019

Organizing iOS 13’s New Share Sheet

0:00 49:54

This week, Federico and John introduce the fourth anniversary of Club MacStories and then discuss the changes coming to iOS and iPadOS 13’s share sheet and how it has begun to change how they use it.

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