Behind the Scenes of Federico’s iPad Story

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This week, Federico and John discuss the process of creating Federico’s story, Beyond the Tablet: Seven Years of iPad as My Main Computer and some of the topics from the story; later, they are joined by Brian King who worked with Federico on the introductory animation and 3D-rendered images throughout the story.

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Episode 111 – May 13, 2019

iOS 13 App Rumors and Wishes

0:00 33:53

This week, Federico and John share their thoughts on the latest iOS 13 app rumors reported by Mark Gurman and 9to5Mac and other features and updates they’d like to see Apple implement this year.

Episode 110 – May 06, 2019

Revisiting the Breakup of iTunes

0:00 30:29

This week, Federico and John revisit their discussion of the breakup of iTunes from Episode 21 in light of the latest Marzipan rumors.

Episode 109 – Apr 29, 2019

Pick 2: Moment and MindNode

0:00 35:08

This week, Federico and John take a deep dive into two apps they’ve been using a lot lately, Moment Pro Camera and the recently-released MindNode 6.

Episode 108 – Apr 22, 2019

Our New Mac mini Setups

0:00 38:51

This week, Federico and John talk about their new Mac minis, the very different ways they use them, and the apps they rely on the most.

0:00 01:30:50

This week, to mark MacStories’ 10th anniversary, John interviews Federico about how MacStories got started, what led to the MacStories that readers know today, and what’s in store for the site and other MacStories properties in the future.

Episode 106 – Apr 08, 2019

The Apps of Apple’s March 25 Services Event

0:00 36:35

This week, Federico and John take a close look at the apps and services announced by Apple at its March 25th services event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino including the TV app, News, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card.

Episode 105 – Apr 01, 2019

Pro iPad Apps and Where iOS Holds Them Back

0:00 33:42

This week, Federico and John cover pro iOS audio, photography, video, and art apps that stretch the platform and discuss where the OS is holding them back.

Episode 103 – Mar 18, 2019

Reading Apps

0:00 32:25

This week, Federico and John discuss their favorite reading apps including Apple Books, Kindle, Comixology, Shonen Jump and Apple News.

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