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Episode 73 – Aug 06, 2018

Show Me Your Mac Menu Bar Apps

0:00 35:29

John is joined by Stephen Hackett to compare and discuss their Mac menu bar apps.

Episode 71 – Jul 23, 2018

PDF Apps

0:00 33:04

Federico and John discuss the world of apps for viewing, organizing, marking up, editing, and creating PDFs.

Episode 70 – Jul 16, 2018

Apps for Managing Big Projects

0:00 40:37

Federico and John discuss the apps they use to manage large projects like the MacStories and AppStories coverage of the App Store’s 10th anniversary and Apple’s fall OS releases.

Episode 67 – Jul 13, 2018

An Interview with Zach Gage

0:00 45:38

Federico and John are joined by independent game developer Zach Gage the creator of hit games like Ridiculous Fishing, SpellTower, Really Bad Chess, Typeshift, Flipflop Solitaire, and Pocket Run Pool to discuss the App Store’s effect on gaming.

0:00 01:02:39

Federico and John interview Marco Arment, the creator or Instapaper and Overcast and David Smith who has many apps including health and fitness apps such as Pedometer++, Workouts++, Activity++, and Sleep++ about building sustainable businesses over the past decade of the App Store.

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