Frequently-Used Shortcuts, Part 1

0:00 35:05

This week, Federico and John discuss some of their most frequently-used shortcuts for work and their personal lives.

Previously, on AppStories

0:00 38:25

This week, Federico and John talk about how they’ve set up their new Series 4 Apple Watches including the complications they use, new apps they are trying, and what’s in their Watch docks.

Episode 81 – Oct 01, 2018

Mac and iOS App Convergence

0:00 32:58

This week, Federico and John consider what the new Marzipan apps in Mojave may mean for the future of apps on all of Apple’s hardware platforms.

Episode 78 – Sep 10, 2018

Exploring Twitter Apps

0:00 37:16

This week, Federico and John explore Twitter clients, other specialized Twitter apps, and how they use them.

Episode 76 – Aug 27, 2018

Our Favorite Share Sheet Extensions

0:00 33:48

Federico returns from vacation to discuss the share sheet extensions that he and John use on their iOS devices.

Episode 75 – Aug 20, 2018

I Set Up a Fake Child

0:00 45:11

John is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss managing family tech use and the upcoming iOS 12 Screen Time family features.

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