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This week, Federico and John discuss the updates to Apple’s OSes and developer tools, the changes to the app economy they signal, and the impact they’ll have on users and developers.

Episode 148 – Feb 03, 2020

The Elements of Modern iOS and iPadOS Apps

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This week, Federico and John discuss the features and technologies that go into building a modern iOS or iPadOS app with examples of some of their favorite implementations.

Episode 147 – Jan 27, 2020

The Apps That Defined the iPad

0:00 58:56

This week, Federico and John look back at the introduction of the iPad ten years ago, the apps announced onstage, and how the iPad’s app story has changed over the past decade.

Episode 145 – Jan 13, 2020

Shortcuts Utility Apps

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This week, Federico and John cover Shortcuts utilities including Toolbox Pro, Pushcut, and LaunchCuts. They also preview an upcoming Shortcuts utility from Simon Stovring called Data Jar and explain the difference between Shortcuts, shortcuts, Siri Shortcuts, and other terminology.

Episode 144 – Jan 06, 2020

Getting More Out of Safari for iPadOS

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This week, Federico and John discuss the sort of sophisticated web apps that can be used with Safari on iPadOS 13 and share a bunch of tips and tricks based on Apple’s latest updates to Safari.

Episode 142 – Dec 09, 2019

Our 2020 App Wishes

0:00 48:21

This week, we share our 2020 wishes for Apple’s system apps on iOS and the Mac.

Episode 141 – Dec 02, 2019

Pick 2: Reeder for the Mac and iOS

0:00 47:22

This week, Federico and John cover one of their favorite RSS client for the Mac and iOS: Reeder by Silvio Rizzi.

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