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Episode 37 – Jan 08, 2018

Our Ideal Email Client

0:00 42:17

Federico and John discuss the features that their ideal iOS and Mac email clients would have and what they are using now.

0:00 28:36

Federico and John interview Christian Selig, the creator of the popular iOS Reddit client Apollo about the development and design of the app, incorporating Redditors’ feedback, the complexities inherent in building a Reddit app, and working in Swift.

Episode 34 – Dec 04, 2017

Pick 2: Pixelmator Pro and Things 3

0:00 37:37

Federico and John pick two apps they’ve been experimenting with recently and discuss how it’s going so far. In this installment of Pick 2, John covers macOS image editor Pixelmator Pro, which was released last week, and Federico explains how he’s integrated Things 3 for iOS into recent projects.

Episode 33 – Nov 27, 2017

What’s on Our Apple Watches

0:00 30:16

Federico and John talk about the Apple Watch apps they use and how their use of the Watch has changed as the product has evolved.

Episode 32 – Nov 20, 2017

Apps and Good Intentions

0:00 32:58

Federico and John consider why some apps sit unused in ‘folders of good intentions’ on their iOS and macOS devices.

Episode 31 – Nov 13, 2017

What Makes an App Sticky?

0:00 38:16

Federico and John look at apps that have been designed for the iPhone X and consider what makes certain apps ‘sticky.’

Episode 29 – Oct 30, 2017

Geeky macOS Apps

0:00 29:54

Federico and John dig into their favorite geeky macOS apps that they use for work and play.

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