Pick 2: Everyday Workflows

0:00 31:00

This week, Federico and John each pick an aspect of their MacStories work and break down the apps, workflows, and processes they use to accomplish it.

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Episode 98 – Feb 11, 2019

Mixed iOS/Mac Automation

0:00 42:00

This week, Federico and John dive into Federico’s experiments in mixed iOS and Mac automation for controlling his Mac mini, iTunes, and podcasting setup.

Episode 97 – Feb 04, 2019

Utility App Grab Bag

0:00 34:51

This week, Federico and John dive into their collections of iOS and Mac utilities and discuss some favorites.

Episode 96 – Jan 28, 2019

Alternatives to Apple’s App Short List

0:00 36:57

This week, Federico and John consider Apple’s latest iPad ads and provide suggestions of other third-party apps the company could use to show off its hardware.

Episode 92 – Dec 17, 2018

Introducing the 2018 MacStories Selects

0:00 37:52

This week, Federico and John unveil the MacStories team’s 2018 MacStories Selects for Best New App, Best New Game, and Best App Update.

Episode 91 – Dec 10, 2018

Apps for Planning Projects Big and Small

0:00 39:59

This week, Federico and John explore the apps they use for planning everything from the upcoming year to the week ahead.

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